The 25-hour Day.

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Ever wonder why people carry schedulers with them? Stylishly bound, this chic thing is normally linked to people who are believed to lead a busy daily life. Earlier only executives were thought to have a busy daily schedule, and thus they self-righteously claimed title to schedulers.

But nowadays schedulers have become an "in" thing for people from virtually all walks of life. In fact, carrying a scheduler around makes it easy for even the ordinary person to schedule his or her daily programme; to divide time so that time can be allocated for each and every aspect of life.

Nowadays we find that we have such short time on our hands that it is close to impossible to allocate equal time for work, play and rest. Our lives have been so busy that it seems we now require more than a 24-hour day to plan and fit everything into our busy lives.

Things seem to have become more complicated now. Years ago we had lots of times on our hands; after school or work, we had time to help around in house chores, do work for our neighbours, and help our kid brothers and sisters do their homework. We had time to play, rest and do something entertaining, and pursue a hobby.

But times have now changed. Now most of us seem to have a full-time job and a part-time job. We go to office in the morning, we go to office in the afternoon and we go to office in the evening, too! We come home late at night and hit the sack, and that's it! But, is that a life? If our daily programme runs like this, in no time, most probably we will have a nervous breakdown or go insane at the worst.

It is necessary, therefore,