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Body Scanners

It is a very well known fact that every day, we humans gain more and more knowledge. With that being said, we progress in different types of fields such as medicine, science, biology and technology. Speaking about technology, we have advanced so much in technology that we have created a revolutionary machine called the body scanner that scans your body to detect for any suspicious objects you are carrying. This machine has its disadvantages such as its an invasion of peoples privacy, its against some religious beliefs and has related health issues.

A body scanner machine is used at airports which scans a person's full body for objects for security purposes without removing clothes or making physical contact. Now the problem we should have is our privacy. Although the displayed body scan is not visible to other passengers since it is in a private room, nor the operator can see the face of the person being scanned but it is still a privacy issue since I, as the person being scanned, am being watched by someone whether they see my face or not.

Another issue that arises with this piece of technology is a person's religion. Many religious people will not accept to get a full body scan as it is against their religion such as a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. There's a reason why these women go around with their bodies and hair covered. Now, why would a religious person accept to go through this machine? I myself am a Muslim and in Islam, it is forbidden and against Islamic teachings that men or women be seen naked by other men and women. The Quran has also states that a person should cover their private parts.

Health related issues are also of a concern when it...