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Spalding 2

Ben Spalding

Dr. Brown

English 111

17 Oct 2013


I am writing about one of the biggest topics in the United States today and that's the Right to Bare Arms. This right is for you to choose to protect your family by your own means and not wait for first responders. Many times I have read in the paper or on the internet that a woman died during a house invasion and she could not protect herself. I am not saying that guns are the only means to protecting your life and property. Guns to knives have a larger intimidation factor. When you see a knife all you're thinking about is not to get stabbed by that blade. A gun is not the same. The fear of having a loaded weapon pointed at you is indescribable. Not knowing when he is going to shoot you, or in what part of your body.

That moment when you realize you're going to die is what moves you to act, the one thing they can't take away without a fight. That's your family. I've read about a woman in Texas who owned guns that had the courage and fortitude to stand her ground and keep the criminals at bay till police arrived to arrest the perps. When police asked her how she had the strength to stand up to the criminals she had only this to say "my six month old baby was asleep and I wasn't about to let them wake her up". To me that's amazing her husband was working a double shift at an oil rig company and had no idea of what had happened till she called him. That's an amazing story of why people should choose to protect their family...