What 3 problems was the Weimar republic facing and their importance?

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The Weimar republic was set up in Germany after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 with all the humiliation and blames, by the time it was established it had numerous crisis and problems which led it to the road of failures. The problems were political instability, the rising powers of the right, left wings also the economic disaster after world war one.

The first problem and second problems they faced are being born after signing in the Treat of Versailles and having various kinds of parties rebelling against them. When world war one ended the major countries blamed Germany for all the causes of war which made a very controversial situation in Germany. Especially the reparation of 132,000,000,000 Marks to pay after having the war lost and getting 2 million German soldiers killed. The new government didn't have much of a respect from people to motivate them to the new world after all the blames and responsibilities of war.

To alleviate the tension The German Social Democratic Party that controlled the Reichstag was split into the major socialists and the non major socialists who then got divided into another parties. The Communist party (KPD) like the Bolshevik party wanted workers and normalization by having the people included in work more than armies. Many communists wanted to overthrow the government and make the stabilization of worker's republic such as Karl Lienbecht and Rosa Luxembourg the main communist leaders in Germany who has led the armed revolution (Spartacist revolt) in Berlin but were trashed by the Freikorps. More and more problems were occurring between the right and the left wings who were the major two powers in the country. The left wing side communists had made several attempts to gain political power and increase the reputation of communism as stated above while...