3 Ways to connect to the internet.

Essay by titanium November 2005

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The internet is growing day by day, and there are now millions of websites and so many things to do. But one problem occurs to new time users, how are they going to connect? Well the are 3 most used methods of connecting to the internet today, which are used by many people all around the world, there however maybe more methods of connecting, but the following 3 are just a few of the many way in the modern world. I will explain and discuss them as follows.

The First method is by using a dial-up modem. This is used by many users all over the world, as it is cheap and efficient also easy to set-up and use. All that is needed is a modem, which is installed in the computer, then connected to the telephone line, and is ready. You then have to have an ISP Internet service provider) such as NTL, BT, wanadoo, to host the internet connection in order for you to go on.

There are also different plans and types of payment, there is pay-as-you go, which takes money depending on how long you are on, and also monthly payment. The advantage of having dial-up is that it is cheap and easy, however the disadvantage is that it has to dial every time needed to connect to the internet, and also that means if the internet is in use the telephone line cannot be used.

Another method to connect to the internet is broadband, which is faster that dial-up. Dial-up has one steady download rate which is 56kbps (56k) however broadband comes in different speeds for different users and their needs. From 150k up to 4mb of download speeds can be purchased, the faster connection the more items and objects can be viewed quicker.