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333 Wacker Drive Starting in late 1880's, Chicago gained a title of one of the prettiest cities in United States mainly because of its architectural makeup. While getting rebuild in order to be able to host Columbian Exposition Fair, Chicago was beautified with many magnificent buildings. Those buildings are still around today; furthermore, they set the standards for architecture in today's world. From that time on, Chicago was looked upon with more respect and dignity. It was not just a place of meatpacking or a place where railroads would meet; Chicago became one of the world's most beautiful cities. Buildings build for the Columbian Exposition Fair were just the beginning, in just a hundred years, Chicago transformed into an ultra-modern city with skyscrapers headed far into the sky. Off course not all of the skyscrapers build were first-class, some are taking away a lot from a beautiful view, but in general, most of the them were thought thoroughly very well and build with a good taste.

The building I want to talk about in my opinion sets a standard in modern architecture. It defines a skyscraper; it gives an example to others on how to build a beautiful, and at the same time efficient and well-organized building. It is one of the few skyscrapers ever build that defeated the thought that a skyscraper is a big rectangle box headed into the sky. A large reflective green, curved glass curtain wall was selected as the appropriate response addressing the most unique aspect of the site: the curve of the Chicago River (figure C). It gives both a river face and a city face to the building. The segment of the building facing elevated train track is truncated, thus giving the building four sides. This sliced side rises to address the city...