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Malcolm X

Malcolm X was an inspirational public speaker and leader. He was also a distinguished campaigner for racial equality and African American rights. Although, amongst some people, he was considered a nurtured racist. Growing up in a world with racism directed at him all the time, Malcolm X began to direct his own racism at the white man. He decided to change the attitudes of people, making them think it was time for things to change. There are many reasons why Malcolm had these feeling towards whites.

One major reason why Malcolm had begun to think the way he did, started back when he was just a child. His family lived on a farm in Nebraska, and was happily living together. He grew up around the time that racism was execrable. Malcolm's father was a kind person that wouldn't hurt anybody. He was a man that just wanted to make the life for his family as best as he could.

He worked many hours to keep food on the table of the home, cloth his children's backs and to keep up with the bills. His father had to do all this by himself, since the mother had to stay home and look after the kids. His father had some conflicts with members of the Klu Klux Klan. These men didn't want any colored people living in what they claimed as their town. Malcolm's father was a strong man and didn't care how they felt. He didn't leave his home for any reason at all. The men would come to there house at night time and scare them by braking all the windows in the house and telling them to get out. These despicable acts didn't seem to phase his father one bit at all. The men where starting to...