4 Stages Of Growth And How It Affected Me

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TRUST VS MISTRUST Because I couldn't remember anything about the ages from 0 to 1.5, I asked my mother and since all human beings are the same when they are infants I absorbed other infants actions. My mom told me that between the ages 0 to 1.5 I would not go to the strangers when called, would cry when left alone, and I was happier around my mom because she was the only person I trusted and recognized AUTONOMY VS SAHAME AND DOUBT Again I couldn't remember anything, but I would imagine I know what I did. This is the stage where trouble two's come into play, yes I was one of them I wanted to know everything, touch, feel, hear, and even taste anything I got my hands on. Mom said one day I wanted to touch the wooden stove which was fairly warm, of course my mom didn't let me, she said I cried and cried for a long time therefore she let me touch it, after touching It I cried more because my hand was burnt and she said I never touched the stove again INITIATIVE VS GUILT This stage I somewhat remember how I reacted.

At this stage I remember wanting to do everything on my own, such as; collect my own toys, pour my own coffee, go outside to play on my own, carry the groceries, and wanted to go to school. I remember this one incident when I was 4. My mom that morning told me to go grab a dozen eggs from the supermarket few blocks down the street. Just as I was ready to go out the door she said, "don't break them eggs again", she warned me because I did break the eggs twice in the last week. So I went down to...