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I am Shameka La'Nise Rhodes. I am a strong, independent, and a productive young black woman. I am proud of almost every choice that I have made in life thus far, and I will continue to make smart and productive decisions. I have always been academically successful in school, and hopefully attending college won't change my academic success. I am very involved both inside and outside of school. I am presently a member of the Eagleson Hall house council (Publicity chairperson), Eagles Live, peer education, and the publicity committee for student government. I am a member of the Charlotte component of Inroads, Love of Learning, National Honor Society, National Vocational Technical Society, and Quest West. I plan to matriculate at North Carolina Central University for at least four years. I am currently a business major with a concentration in management. I will earn my B.B.A in management from the school of business.

During my freshman year, I'll complete most of my CFAS courses. I hope to have completed at least thirty-two credit hours. I will complete approximately sixty-six credit hours by the end of my sophomore. I will have completed ninety-six hours by my junior year, and I will graduate my senior year having completed one hundred and twenty five hours. While completing my undergrad I hope to become more involved in school activities and community involvement. After completing my undergraduate education, I plan to get my master's degree from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. It is very important that I follow this academic plan, because there are numerous things that I want out of life. I have an aspiration to own my own business. I am presently interested in opening my own adult day care center. Overall, I want complete happiness in whatever my career will...