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Introduction Wow - who owns all these pretty pictures? Net Photog's See me, feel me, touch me, pay me.

Net Agencies Service with a click of a mouse.

Net Publishers All is fair in love, war and publishing.

Net Users Free ride! INTRODUCTION If Francesca were alive today she could track her lover's photos from his homepage instead of schlepping to the Piggly Wiggly to purchase the latest National Geographic. Even if you are stuck in Peoria,[1] the family can gather around the key board, open up your Happy Meals and view some of the Best Photography in the world.

You want pictures? Boy do we have pictures, click onto the Photo Net Index for a inventory of photographers portfolios, galleries, and museums. Who owns the copyrights to all these cool Net photos? This paper presents a sampling of opinions and predictions about the application of copyright law to Net photos in relation to contemporary photographers; stock photo agencies; publishers; and Net users.

THE NET PHOTOG ENTREPRENEUR NET ADVANTAGES Contemporary Photographers are creating homepages to display portfolios on the Net to advertise for jobs, learn new skills, network with colleagues, and provide pleasure to the viewing public. Stacy Rosenstock's portfolio is an example of the excellent photo art available for viewing on the Net.

Photographer/author/adventurer Philip Greenspun uses photos to accompany text in Travels With Samantha Mr. Greenspun says that viewer response is one of the rewards for publishing on the Net.[2] The Net is a unique medium for photographers, offering one-on-one feedback from viewers, fellow photographers and critics on a scale not available from the typical art gallery or magazine venue. The scale is larger in terms of the number of potential viewers and the boarderless international viewing audience who may choose to browse.

A computer savvy photographer may...