4th grade report about the state of Rhode Island.

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I'm going to tour you through the beautiful state of Rhode Island. Now let the tour begin.

Rhode Island is located in the northeastern United States. It is bordered by two states, Connecticut on the west and Massachusetts on the north and east. To the south is the Atlantic Ocean. Rhode Island's nickname is Little Rhody, or The Ocean State. Its abbreviation is IR. Rhode Island's state song is " Rhode Island It's for Me". Its state bird is the Rhode Island Red and its flower is a violet.

Rhode Island's official state flag was adopted in the year of 1897. The flag is white, with yellow on three sides. A yellow anchor is in the middle of the flag that reads, "HOPE." 13 golden stars circle it. The 13 stars stand for the 13 colonies.

Rhode Island is 1,545 square miles. It is the smallest state in the USA.

As of the year 2000, Rhode Island's population is 1,048,319. It's the 43rd most populous state in the U.S. Rhode Island's capital is Providence. Its largest city is also Providence. Other major cities are Warwick, West Warwick, Newport, and Westerly.

Rhode Island's major river is the Sakkonnet River. It is between Newport, and Portsmouth. Rhode Island's major lake is the Scituate Reservoir. The highest point in Rhode Island is at Jerimoth Hill. It's 812 feet above sea level. Rhode Island's climate has been recorded as high as 104F and as low as -23 F. The average temperature in January is 30F and in July is 72F.

Rhode Island's agriculture produces nursery stocks, vegetables, dairy products, and eggs. Rhode Island manufactures fashion jewelry, fabricated metal products, electric equipment, machinery, ship building and, boat building.

Rhode Island's history is very interesting. Rhode Island was the first colony to take...