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' Memorable, convincing characters , broad vision , and evocative narrative result in a novel both resonant and deeply moving ... A string meditation on hardship and perseverance of people torn from home' These words are of Publishers weekly from the acclaim for Caryl Phillips's "Crossing the River", these words describe the novel purpose and how it is structured to present or as Bendedicat Lendent says "to explore what has been called 'the waven complexity' of colonial society" . Another quote for Entertainment weekly from the acclaim for Caryl Phillips's 'Crossing the river' "with irony, understatement and artful compression ...Phillip distill the African diaspora to an essence bitter and unforgettable". This shows Caryl Phillip techniques in turning the transatlantic slave trade into words , he does this through the use of irony and the use of a great language with a lot of interesting details, his aim is to use such technique is to tell everyone about the misery life this trade bring to slaves, he also shows the African diaspora and displacement.

In 'Crossing the River' we can find a wide range of short fiction and realistic stories in contemporary settings .In addition we can see the struggles of his characters to survive and free themselves from slavery, and this struggle for freedom is the connection between his characters and this is one of his technique. This connection reflect the society, that who ever you are and where ever you are , you may have the same struggle or experience, this reveal human nature, that we have the same soul and spirit regardless to our race, gender, and color .

T he father in Crossing the River novel is a voice speaking out of a distant past, describes the consequences of his desperation:...