5 gaps Service Quality Model to evaluate BABA in SZU

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IntroductionAs we know, Higher education in university has attached great importance to a country's development, it cultivate more high-quality talents to the country's economic, political and cultural. As the most rapidly developing education in China, more and more people do not only regard higher education as a provider education but also a provider of service. Thus, the evaluation of service quality of higher education and find out and fill the gaps in service quality has become the fundamental content of edbiz.

Service qualityFor doing a successful evaluation of service quality about a university, we must know what the service quality is firstly. Service quality is defined as customers perception of how well a service meets or exceeds their expectations.(1) according to that definition, we can see the importance of the relationship between customer expectations and their perceptions of service . However, we wouldn't know customer expectations and their perceptions if we don't find out what "consumer" groups do Universities serve exactly.

Consumer groupThe most important customer group of universities is persons, including every student of different degree and diversified course, schoolfellows, company linkman and sponsors. (2) On the one hand, universities regard these people as products, universities use them make themselves more rivalrousness. On the other hand, these people also are the most important resources to universities. Universities can get more profit from them, for example, the donating of schoolfellows, more latency students and more suggestions. What's more, this customer group has a characteristic that different from others. They are lifelong, that means they can keep the influence of the university though they leaved the university by word-of-mounth communication and other way to publicize. Due to that, we can know easily that understanding customer expectations and their perceptions clearly means lot to a successful evaluation of service quality about a...