5 minute Eulogy on Ophelia performed by Gertrude. Picks up on character traits, character construction and character relationships.

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I want to begin by placing this lavender, Ophelia's favourite flower on her coffin. It seems incredibly fitting that the lavender represents faithfulness. A trait all of us here today can testify, Ophelia certainly possessed.

When one looks back on the life of such a beautiful person, it seems so easy to break down at such a loss, but to me, today is not about loss, sadness or despair. It is about celebrating the life of a beautiful, loving, caring and special young lady. Ophelia's pure heart and loyalty to all gave her credibility the rest of us could only dream of. To me she was the epitome of goodness. She represented in my eyes all things true, all things honest and all things innocent. I could not imagine a person more perfect and faithful than dear Ophelia.

How I dearly wish that her and my son had been wed.

Their love seemed to be so strong that it would last through any trouble and turmoil. Like a tree in the wind that hung to its leaves for dear life, Ophelia cared for his love and cared for him like only true soul mates could have. When my son began to act strangely I feared that his love would not last. They had differences and for a short while we all questioned their love, however, I think I speak for us all when I say that our questions were answered just moments ago when hamlet said,

I lov'd Ophelia, forty thousand brothers

Could not, with all their quantity of love,

Make up my sum.

Unfortunately, I can not help but feel I had an influence on their relationship. In my room on the day that Ophelia's father was killed, god bless his soul, Hamlet blamed...