5 page report on Prisoner rights using facts that support the need for more rights for prisoners and combat the need for more laws against prisoners. Includes in text citations and works cited.

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Prisoner Rights

What if your rights had been violated and there was nothing that could be done about it. What about being stuck in a jail cell and routinely beaten and raped by cellmates while the guards turned their heads. What if these claims were brought to court but were consistently turned down and eventually ignored. This may be a tough situation to imagine however there are over 2 million criminals in jail around the country and many face these very circumstances.

In my report I will state the facts that support my feelings as well as my opposition's arguments. I feel that the current system doesn't allow prisoners their proper rights. Although the public thinks prisoners have too many rights, laws like The Litigation Reform Act take rights away from prisoners and should be repealed.

The Prison Litigation Reform Act was passed in 1996. It serves two purposes, too reduce the amount of frivolous cases and limit the involvement of the federal courts.

Supporters of the PLRA say the act has caused a noticeable drop in nonsense cases filed by prisoners. An example of this would be the case of the man who sued because he was given Converse shoes instead of L.A. Gear or Reebok. In 1995, 44,000 federal cases were filed compared to just 26,000 last year, according to federal statistics. Some correction officers feel that if they respond to prisoners complaints, they will just get more complaints. The plan is meant to keep prisoner litigation out of the courtroom. An inmate must fill out a grievance procedure, an inmate grievance form, and an inmate grievance appeal form correctly or the case will be thrown out. Grievance procedures limit a jail's and the jailer's responsibility. This grievance process allows the jail time to fix the problem before...