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Ernest Hemingway is an author well known for the common themes in his novels. In his style of writing, Hemingway is able to express the themes of the novel through strong character traits and actions. The common themes in Hemingway's novel The Sun Also and A Farewell to Arms are death and loss. The characters in these novels, and many of Hemingway's other novels, can relate to these themes.

The novels The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms share many similarities. These of course include the themes of death and loss. The common themes are supported by the war setting in A Farewell to Arms and the post-war setting in The Sun Also Rises. Both novels take place in Europe approximately in the 1920s. Jake Barnes is the main character of The Sun Also Rises and he is struggling through life after having experienced some trauma during the war.

Frederic Henry, the protagonist of A Farewell to Arms must make the choice of staying in the army or abandoning his fellow troops to be with his girlfriend. Both novels explore the hardships of love, war, and death."The wound, the break from society, and the code are subjects of Hemingway's work" (Young 6). These three events are critical in Hemingway's novels The Sun Also and A Farewell to Arms. "The Wound" represents just that, a wound. It can be a physical, mental, or an emotional wound always occurring in the story's protagonist. This relates to the theme of loss because the character's wound is always a loss they suffer. The loss can be physical, for example if the character is injured and loses a body part (which is common in the war settings Hemingway typically uses). The loss can also be emotional, for example if the main character...