The 5 steps to management success.

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The article, 5 steps to success, discusses the planning, management and accountability of project management. This article explains that factors for a successful project management team can be broken down into 5 distinct areas, the project charter, project plan, master schedule, review process and accountability.

The project charter is one of the most important parts of project management. This indicates the overall commitment of all the team members and outlines resources and support that will be provided for the project. This charter must be kept up to date of any changes of the original plan to control and manage the direction of the project. The main purpose of the charter is to be used as a kind of map to avoid the overlapping of tasks and to help avoid unimportant issues.

The project plans main purpose is to organize and schedule the timing of tasks. The plan should have deadlines for each task along with assigned responsibility.

This plan also must be kept updated in accordance with the project charter to keep all team members informed of any changes.

Schedule reviews are intended to be a high level review of all continuous improvement efforts under the direction of the project leader. This should not be a detailed review of all aspects of the project but just a meeting to help communicate the progress and outline specific areas that need to be addressed.

This article describes management teams working on six-sigma projects. At ACUVUE® Brand we use the six-sigma projects to control yield and product defects. The black belt engineers analyze every aspect of the process to try to determine a course of action. At that point a charter is built which identifies different tasks and tests for each member of the team to accomplish. Our organization always starts with...