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Non-Employment Conflict Manage Worksheet Indiv WK 4 CH


Application of Concept in ScenarioCitation of Concept in ReadingPersonal Experience in your OrganizationInterferenceSebastian Byrd is the President of the Nature's gift Society. He was born and raised in New Oxford and had often explored the Wetlands. He has long been an advocate of preserving nature. Concerned about the building of any facility close to the wetlands, because he believes disturbing the wetlands will disturb the ecosystem. He has picked up the fight for the three residences who do not want to leave their homes. The Nature's gift Society has pledge $100,000 dollars to help with litigation costs."Interference or the perception of interference is necessary to complete the conditions for conflict" (Wilmot & Hocker, 2007).I remember an incidence where a friend in England was interested in purchasing a home in. Every time she went to view the home, she would have to park across the street because the neighbor parked his car in the space.

One day she found garbage strewn across the lawn and a letter telling her she should consider getting a home somewhere else. This went on for three weeks and she decided she would look somewhere else.

Avoidance SpiralsThis concept was chosen because the M-Core, Inc. scenario displays choices of avoidance. Burke and Little both wish to remain in their homes for a few more years. The opportunity for negotiation with M-Core exists to allow both women to remain in their homes for a designated period and sell at a pre-determined amount. Both women are avoiding the situation and not actively searching for resolution. The reasons for the avoidance are these women believe they lack the skills to deal with the conflict, or they believe they do not have the right to bring up a negotiation. According to...