The 60's

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The 60's From the protests of the war to the music called rock and roll, the 60's changed America. Without a warning, America was thrown into the most controversial era in history, with a war on the way and integration beginning; life as they knew was about to change. With murder, blood, and love in the near future, America began a new journey to understanding.

The first shock to hit the country was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On November 22, 1963 America stopped to mourn the death of the beloved president. People around the country were crushed, and in most cases, they remember exactly what they were doing and where they were, when they heard the news of his death. His death touched the hearts of everyone in the country and for a moment the tragedy brought us together.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, was caught shortly after Kennedy died.

Never making it to trial to be found guilty, on his way to a new jail, in the eyes of the entire country, he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was also never found guilty of the murder of Oswald, he died of cancer shortly before being tried or convicted of murder.

Integration was a subject that divided our country, some wanted it and some were against it. One person who never gave up and fought till the end for what he believed was right, was Martin Luther King Jr. King was a very strong speaker and in 1963 over two thousand people listened to King tell them his dream. The listeners covered the ground form the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument; the speech "I Have A Dream" touched not only the people there, but also the country. Kings dream came...