7th grade birth day

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Hanan Elaraby


Ms. Pryor

7th grade birth day

(this really happened) I woke up so every happy because it was my birth day. I was turning thirteen. I knew it was going to be a great day. I just had that feeling. Also my grandma was coming from Jordan. That made me feel even more excited than I already was.

I went to school (it was a Friday) as always. Some of my friends had given me gifts. Second period came, that was P.E. We (when I say we my friend Elizabeth and me).

So we were walking back to the locker rooms and she's like " Hanan catch!" and the next thing you know she's kicking her shoe to me, and I m waiting for it to get to me. Instead it goes on the roof. "uh-oh!" was what we said. So then all the others get there by that time.

(we were ahead of them before).

They all stop and ask, "What happened?" I started laughing. And Elizabeth pointed up. One of the girls asked, "How did it get up there?" and Elizabeth told them. So they decided to pick up one of the girls so she could grab the shoe. As they were lifting her she yelled at them to put her down.

The thing was she's afraid of heights. So I volunteered. And let me tell you that roof is pretty high. The first thing I did was sort of sit on the roof top. Then I grabbed the shoe threw it down and looked at the scenery. Boy was it beautiful. I got down because I saw the janitor.

But don't worry I didn't get into trouble. Elizabeth couldn't stop thanking me. That made me feel so happy. And even more special.