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The definition of freedom is relatively subjective. When the Founding Fathers of America were discussing such ideas and liberties, this was a huge contributing factor. The United States' government is composed of many different internal branches and committees; courts and legislative groups of people who are dedicated to serving their country and protecting those who live in it. On November 26, 2008, Texas created the 81st Legislature (House research Organization). This is a group of representatives that sit down, make laws and consider what Texas' needs are and what they can do to make those needs capable.

"Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson swore in all 150 House members, who must run for election every two years, and 15 of the 31 senators, who serve staggered four-year terms"(Houston Chronicle).

Many of the members in the Legislature are a mixed group of husbands and wives, all coming together for a common cause.

They all have very busy schedules, especially now, during these difficult times with the economy. These men and women are put in charge of Texans'well-being and ability to maintain such blessings.

The "chamber" in the 81st Legislature is a bit foggy. Information on this topic is rather difficult to find. The Houston Chronicle is so vague on this because the legislature hasn't accomplished much just yet.

"When the 81st Texas Legislature finally opened Tuesday, it was more a day of wide-eyed children, yellow roses, deli sandwiches and hearty handshakes than political posturing and acrimonious debate. (Houston Chronicle)The group is now pressured to take time out of their careers and quality family time to make room for Texas' impending issues. These issues are something that cannot be discussed overnight. From Taxes and Revenue to the Hurricane Ike recovery dilemma.

The 1876 constitution, which took effect on February 15, 1876,