9/11 Article

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A Day To Remember!

Planes Crash into America; Out of the Blue!

Bin Laden's fist of fury lands on American soil … yet again.


David Le Guile, who was meant to be inside the North Tower at the time of the attacks, described his experience as so, "I'm not grateful to God for sparing my life, but I'm pleading him to send my friends, colleagues and family safely to heaven.

They did not deserve to die. I don't think anyone who died deserved it." When asked whether he could forget the experience and move on with his life, he replied, "my son was in there. Do you think I can move on or hide from this? Ever? No. I don't think I can. I don't think anyone can."

Another onlooker, who requested to remain anonymous, quoted, "I imagine how horrific it would have been in there after the plane crashed, that it made the people inside want to jump, jump to their deaths!"

The temperatures inside reached a staggering 1260°C! Not only is it unacceptable to humans, it is enough to melt some metal inside the building! The jumpers would have had to choose to either stay inside the building and die a slow death, like...