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10 Information Technology 2014

Yr 10 Multimedia Skills Task 2

Interactive Learning Puzzle


To create an interactive multimedia application for a junior primary age group (years 5-8) that incorporates text, graphics, sound and use of conditional statements, in-built functions and variables. For a high achievement this application should be linked to a curriculum style learning object for primary based children (i.e. Science, Maths, and Geography)

A welcome, introduction home page

Clear instructions on how to complete the learning puzzle

Optimised graphics (some animation can also be implemented) + any required text

Simple sound effects controlled by ActionScript when a correct label is placed by user

Text response for each attempt

A timer

A congratulations page

Before you start you must plan your application on an A3 sheet of paper and get teacher approval. The planning should include pencil sketches and annotations to communicate your ideas. No plan no application!


Investigate and design your ideas incorporating sketches and annotations.

This should include information about the components of your puzzle, text responses, stage size, sounds, and technical annotations in relation to how these elements will function.

Prepare all the required media (vector drawings, graphics, sounds and text information). Remember to optimise any bitmapped graphics and sounds.

Build your elements in Flash. Incorporate the programming elements (code incorporated must include branching) and remember to test each of the elements for functionality. Keep your media library and timeline well managed.

Once complete desk check your application and submit for marking in a folder named SkillsTask2_Surname. The folder should include both the fla. and .swf files.



Performance Standards for this Task


Assessment Area

High achievement

Good achievement

Satisfactory achievement

Low achievement

Knowledge and Understanding

Understand the Flash interface and how to design and create an interactive labelling style learning object...