Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Who is this young singer we hear

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Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Who is this young singer we hear so much about. To many she is just a singer. To others she is known as an actress. Aaliyah had it all. Looks, talent, and the voice. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16, 1979. Though she was born in Brooklyn, New York, she was raised in Detroit, Michigan. Aaliyah had discovered her talents at a young age. One of her first appearances was on the show Star Search. She appeared on this show at the age of eleven.

Aaliyah had made all of her dreams come true in 1995. At age 15 she released her first R & B album, Age Ain't Nothing But a Number. Her album sold quickly. Most of her success came from her single. "Back and Forth".

Aaliyah wanted more. She wanted to accomplish as much as she could. No one was going to stop her.

Aaliyah attended a dance program at Detroit High School for the Performing Arts. She graduated this school in 1997. While a student there she released her second album, One in a Million. At the age of 17 Aaliyah was known world wide. She had sold over two million copies. This talented young singer had everything going for her. The big hit for Aaliyah was when she recorded "Journey to the Past", this was an award nominated theme song from the classic movie Anastasia. She performed this song for the Oscar's in 1998. Her fans were struck by her talents. Another soundtrack Aaliyah released in 1998 was for the movie Dr. Dolittle. It included the song "Are you that Somebody?" This song won Aaliyah her first Grammy Award.

Aaliyahs' acting career took off in the hit Romeo Must die. In this movie she performed her hit single "Try Again". This single had gotten her a second Grammy Award. Aaliyah was also up for Best Female Video, and Best Video From a film, in the MTV Video Music Awards.

Aaliyahs' third album was self titled. "Aaliyah" was released July of 2001. This album raised the charts. It went to number 2 on the billboards. Another great part of 2001 for the talented artist was when Aaliyah played the main role in the movie Queen of the Damned.

Aaliyahs' fame had hit an all time high. She had scored a major casting role in the upcoming sequels of The Matrix. Tragically, Aaliyah couldn't make the filming. She was killed on August 25, of 2001. A small passenger plane which was carrying the talented young singer, had crashed and burned to flames. The plane went down in Abaco, Bahamas. Aaliyah was immediately pronounced dead. Aaliyah died at the young age of 22. She lived her life to the fullest, but for her it seemed to end so soon. She is survived by her parents, Michael and Diane Haughton, and her older brother, Rashaad. To many her legend will live on."Aaliyah is more than a woman, more than a legend, more than a dream... that will live on forever" Works Cited More Than A person She's an angel http://www.aaliyahonline.com/frames.html In memory of Aaliyah http://www.rockonthenet.com/artists-a/aaliyah_main.htm 3.Rolling Stone biography on the singer http://www.rollingstone.com/artists/default.asp?oid=1967 4. The dedication page http://www.vh1.com/thewire/features/aaliyah/