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Senior citizens have many issues they are faced with today. Some important issues include social security, health care, and income loss. Many are not prepared to face the challenges such as the loss of family and friends, physical limitations, reduced incomes, reduced insurance coverage, and increased medical expenses. However, there is an organization that has been founded to help people fifty and older. It is the American Association for Retired Persons, also known as the AARP.

The AARP was founded in 1961. It has provided many helpful programs through the Association?s charity, the AARP Foundation. The Foundation provides programs that give security, protection, and empowerment for older persons. Some of the programs that the Foundation provides are the AARP Foundation Litigation, Tax-Aide, and Legal Information Project. The AARP Foundation Litigation defends and expands rights of older Americans. They also address legal issues that affect the daily lives of older persons such as health care and consumer protection.

The Ta-Aide program is the nation?s largest, free, volunteer-run tax counseling and preparation service to all taxpayers with middle and low income, paying special attention to those sixty and older. The Legal Information Project develops laws and related materials for attorneys and consumers and distributes them to legal aid programs (About).

The AARP also has community service programs. The community service programs that the AARP support its motto, ?to serve, not to be served? (About). Some of the critical areas that the programs help deal with are jobs, grief and loss, housing, benefit programs, tax services, and legal rights. They help job seekers build skills and self-confidence needed to re-enter the workforce. They also help older Americans cope with the grief experienced after the loss of a loved one. They provide homeowners with financial information helping them stay in their...