The Abandoned Delinquent by: Katelyn Dunn A Research Paper about the unfair treatment of women in prison.

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Katelyn Dunn

Professor White

December 1, 2003

Research Paper

The Abandoned Delinquent

Several generations ago, a young woman's dreams were not filled with the sweet taste of graduation from college, or the aspiration of solely owning her own boutique. Before the long battle for equality started, this woman could only aim for the dreary illusion of being a housewife or secretary. Today the war for equality is not over, but many significant fights have been won. The granddaughter of the young girl whose dreams were not allowed to take flight now has countless opportunities to do what she was born to do. This granddaughter can dream to be anything she wants, and then grow to achieve it.

The equality that exists today between the two sexes has fallen short in certain areas. The female criminal is treated and sentenced unjustly, compared to a male offender. This discrimination is clearly confirmed by Susan Datesman, the author of Women, Crime & Justice, "It is one of the often encountered ironies of history that statures imposing longer sentences on women than on men convicted of the same offense..."

( Datesman 257). This injustice is vastly due to the fact that society has never understood how a female can be capable of running drugs or committing murder. In spite of that opinion, these convicted girls are our sisters or daughters, who we took pictures of before the prom. These condemned women are our mothers, who once changed our diapers. They are not supposed to be involved with drug smuggling or the brutal attack of an innocent person. Thus, our society pushes for the unfair sentencing of women who cross the line and make a mistake. This unfair perception needs to be brought to the attention of the nation. The following six pages of information...