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Problem Identification: Program manager, David Stewart will have to delay the delivery of a state-of-the art video teleconferencing system to his customer due to his failure to plan and organize how to use his human resources effectively.

Factors Contributing to the Problem:

David Stewart's over excitment of the delivery of the equipment has clogged his judgment of the major milestone and the measure of success as a program manager he will have, he has forgoten the tasks of managing everybody underneath him.

Manager for customer services, George Chan, has failed to manage his three supervisors working for him, which led to the refresher training package not being developed.

Analysis Using Text Theories:

A supervisor is a manager at the first level of management. Managers get things done through the effective use of their staff as contrasted with the way employees get things done. Employees get things done by using non human resources to accomplish their work.

That means that David had a primary responsibility to exercise at least two management functions: 1) Planning is the management function of seting goals and determining how to meet them. 2) Organizing is the management function of setting up the group, allocating resources, and assigning work to achieve goals. Though David Stewart can look at the entire situation and blame his manager for customer services, George Chan for not leading and controlling his supervisors and getting the refresher training package developed, in the end it ultimately comes down to the program manager, David Stewart for being responsible and accountable for the entire project.


David doesn't have many different ways of solving his immediate problem. Most importantly he should learn from this bad experiance, and use the information above to help him form an effective plan for the next project, to control his...