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1809 - Abraham Lincoln was born on a stormy morning, on February 12, l809 in a log cabin in Kentucky. Lincoln was named after his grandfather. His parents were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. He had one sister, Sara.


1834 - Lincoln, age 24, worked for the state government of Illinois. He was elected to the legislature as a Whig.

1836 - On September 9, Lincoln received his law license and is a leader of the Whig party. He first practices law in Springfield, Illinois. He needed a place to keep his important papers handy, so he tucked them into his tall black hat.

1842 - On November 4, Lincoln married a girl from Kentucky. Her name was Mary Todd. She was born in Lexington, Kentucky on December 13, l8l8. She and Lincoln became good friends.

1860 - Lincoln is elected the 16th President of the United States, the first Republican, receiving 180 of 303 possible electoral votes, with the South voting almost solidly against him.

This was a difficult time

to be president, since many Southern states did not agree with Lincoln on slavery, and declared they were not a part of the United States.

1863 - On January 1, President Lincoln issues the final "Emancipation Proclamation" freeing all slaves in states held by Confederates and the enlisting of black soldiers in the Union Army.

1864 - Lincoln is reelected President. He won the election defeating the Democrat George B. McClellan. He carried 22 of the 25 participating states. He received 2l2 of 233 electoral votes.

1865 - On April 13, Lincoln was at a play at Ford's Theatre and was shot. John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln died on the morning of April 15. Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois.