Abe Lincoln Log Cabin To White House

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Abe Lincoln Log Cabin To White House The book I read about is about Abe Lincoln, a very tragic story. Sarah's husband, Daniel Johnston , had died leaving Nancy Hanks with three children: Elizabeth, Matilda, and John. He becomes the president and what he has done for people like he has took risks like he said "That he could beat any person in a wrestling match. He has taken a lot of risks but one of them I told you already one of them but they are real risky but I will not take those kind of risks. But while he is president he makes good and bad decisions. But mostly good decisions. But if you asked me I would say that this book would be good for people to read a long book but very good book too.

Dennis Hanks was the first cousin to Nancy. Abe was a homely baby.

Nancy let Dennis hold the baby. Dennis told Nancy that the baby would never amount to much. Abes older sister was Sarah. He was born in Sinking Spring Farm near Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Abe went to school in a dirt floored cabin where kids studied aloud. Abe read aloud the rest of his life. Abe moved to Indiana when he was eight. He liked it. There were bears, wolves and panthers. They did not have a cabin to sleep in. They built a shelter and slept there all winter. Abe's mom died of milk sickness when he was around nine. His dad went to marry a lady called Sarah whose husband had died. Now the family was five children.

Abe and his sister really liked the new mother. Abe liked to read. He liked law too. He liked to learn about the states and politics. At seventeen, he was six feet two inches tall. He was honest and liked by people.

Abe Lincoln was a successful legislator in 1837. He needed to practice and polish his speaking. He was a storekeeper, post master, surveyor, state assembly man, and newly licensed lawyer. He liked to be a storekeeper. In 1834 he decided again to run for the state legislature. He won. He still liked to read. He liked to read and write.