The ability of Power

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The ability of power

Power is the ability to control or influence. The nature of power is that it is transitory, often dangerous and it incurs vulnerability and corruption. Powerplay is the manipulation and creation of power through the use of strategies and authority to achieve a certain goal at the expense of others. Within powerplay exists the group and individual struggles for predominance, control, honour, freedom, and idealism. These power struggles often have dire consequences. In today's society power is undoubtedly the key factor that dictates how certain events unfold, how people act and how people think. Power is more than often abused in the act of powerplay by its holder in this world run by money and status, and the outcome can be quite unpredictable. The prescribed text, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Alan Parker's Pink Floyd: The Wall and the film Lord of the flies directed by Peter Brookes all display elements of the nature and consequences of powerplay on both a group and individual level.

The desire for power derives its roots from the most obscure places. Those in power and those seeking power may employ various techniques in order to succeed in their manipulation of individuals or groups. Such techniques are inextricably linked to their motivations to manipulate. In Julius Caesar, Cassius' attempt to persuade Brutus to join in the assassination of Caesar demonstrates the need of alliance in the advancement of one's power. Through the reputable Brutus, Cassius intends to veil the enterprise as an honourable act. Cassius begins by appealing to Brutus' sense of dignity through a juxtaposition of metaphors: "[Caesar].../Like a Colossus, and we petty men/Walk under his huge legs.../To find...dishonourable graves". Through pejorative emotive language ("petty", "dishonourable"), Cassius' resentment of Caesar's political dominance is represented. Shakespeare employs anecdotes as an...