Abnormal Psychology

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Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you discuss abnormal psychology and therapy.

Address each one of the following items:

Compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology.

Examine at least two mental disorders and two mental illnesses from the perspective of psychology.

Identify therapies used for each school of thought in psychology for treating mental disorders.

Use a minimum of three sources.

Abnormal Psychology and Therapy PSY/300 9/15/14 Hall


How would one define "normal" or "abnormal"? That question seems so obvious on the surface, but if we are talking about the average person is the "norm" then the person who falls in the upper end of being normal is considered a genius and the person who falls below the norm is considered abnormal. So, in some cases falling outside of the norm would be a good thing? Psychologist goals are to understand an individual by researching mental problem, behaviors, and providing treatment.

In order to accomplish these goals there are many different branches of psychology. Abnormal psychology is just one of psychology's many branches which understand psychopathology and abnormal behaviors, "normal" or "abnormal" psychology. "When we think about abnormal psychology, rather than focus on the distinction between what is normal and what is abnormal, focus on the level of distress or disruption that a behavior might cause. If a behavior is causing problems in a person's life or is disruptive to other people, then this would be an "abnormal" behavior that may require some type of therapy". (Quote) This paper will compare and contrast normal and abnormal psychology, explain two mental disorders and two mental illnesses, and discuss therapies used for each school of thought for treating mental disorders. Therapies for mental disorders

Psychodynamic Therapy

When threating personality disorders one the most commonly used school of thought is...