Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Modalities.

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In this paper I intend to explain the diagnostic and therapy I have considered right for my patient Justin. Justin was brought by his parents because they were worried about his school attendance and his irregular activities after school. Justin is a 16-year-old white male, who is considered to be a loner and a quiet boy. He is not interested in school work with the exception of his Mathematics and Physics classes. Justin is respectful with his parents, but doesn't show affection towards them. He also gets angry when his mother asks about his activities and schoolwork. There is a possibility that his family has a conflictive history with one of Justin's uncles. Besides all this, there is a witness who had seen him taking pills, supposedly to "improve his clarity". Justin also believes that there is a secret destiny for him.

The details provided in his clinical history were not enough to provide a diagnostic about his condition; therefore I considered pertinent to interview Justin's parents first.

During the interview, both were concerned about his progress in school, especially his father, who has not been able to directly tell Justin about it. His mother seemed to be more worried about the lack of friends and the irregular activities his son has. They described Justin as a quiet, respectful, and intelligent boy. They pointed out his collection of Sci-fi characters and also the films he has. One fact that got my attentions is that he the only son of this marriage, and that this might have some effect in the way he behaves. I also asked the father about his brother. He mentioned that his brother was also a smart guy who was known in his family for his eccentricities. His brother started having some kind of...