Abolish Capital Punishment

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Many people support the death penalty, and a lot of them use the defense that comes from the Bible: an eye for eye; I, on the other hand, believe otherwise. Punishment by death is a very barbaric way of penalization. “Some argue that the death penalty is needed as a deterrent to crime. Yet the studies that lie behind our statements over the years have yet to reveal any objective evidence to justify this conclusion” (Rein, p. 100). Others believe that capital punishment is the only way to eliminate criminals and to prove potential murders and is the ultimate revenge. Even though many believe that capital punishment should be legalized nationwide, there are other reasons that outweigh pros of death penalty, such as the cost of it is much more expensive than life imprisonment, there could be possible errors in the investigation, and it is wrong in terms or religion.

Many studies have shown that in order to go through the death penalty it would cost a lot more then to keep the criminal in jail for life. “A New York study estimated that cost of an execution at three times that of life imprisonment.” (“Death”) An execution cost approximately 3.2 m million dollars compared to $600,000 life imprisonment, in Florida. (“Death”) “The greatest costs of death penalty are incurred prior to and during trial, not in post-conviction proceedings. Even if all post-conviction proceedings were abolished, the death penalty system would still be more expensive than alternatives sentences.” (“Death”)Another reason why capital punishment should be banished is because errors might be made at convicting murders. If a person was sentenced to a first degree murder and had to get executed, later, if he was found innocent, it would be impossible to pardon a corpse. In a 1987 study, called the...