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Health Literacy


Health Literacy is being able to read, write, access, appraise and understand to take more control over one's health, one's families and communities health. Health equity is important with regards to health literacy it means equal rights irrespective of ethnicity, age, gender or socio-economic status. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to access health information. Whereas, empowerment is to gain greater control over their decisions and actions affecting their health. Health is an elusive term because the meaning of health can be viewed from a multitude of perspectives . Promoting Health has always been an important topic within health practitioners and they are always trying to resolve any issues which may affect the delivering of health information within the community . Health promotion is for individuals, families, groups and communities thus, informing them of the importance of eating well, Physical activities, Sexual health, Oral health, Smoking Cessation, Injury prevention, Violence Prevention, Disaster Preparedness, Enhancing Development etc.

Which can be possible with Health literacy, Equity and Empowering people.( Human rights and equal opportunity commission, (2008))


Health literacy is an important area to consider when planning health promotion initiatives . People with little knowledge about the outcomes and effects of health issues are not likely to visit a physician for regular check-ups as they usually turn up at the last stage. This can result in detecting disease at the very last stage and increasing the complication of the disease, if present . Most people with low education level tend to use less screening and Prevention services at a primary stage . People with lower literacy are unable to undertake empowerment which is the domestic right of everyone and they are left out due to the lack of knowledge. Equality is the fairness achievement of optimal health and wellbeing...