To Abort or Not to Abort; That Is The Controversial Question

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The basic definition of abortion is the expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it is viable. Basically abortion means to get rid of an organelle before it becomes an actual human. Abortion can be practiced in many different ways such as a doctor can literally go inside of the woman’s uterus and dispose the embryo or the woman can use a simple pill. The reason why abortion is practiced varies from person to person. For example: some women are just not ready to have the child, the expecting woman might be too young and her body cannot handle the immense change and pain. She may have become pregnant because of rape. Regardless of the reason; abortion should be legalized because it is the women’s right to choose whether or not she wants brings life into this world. Also what ever happened to having our own constitutional rights? With the right of having abortion taken away what else will the government want to take away from American citizens? Not to mention the parties from the government that are rallying against abortion are mostly men.

Not only are they banning a right of a woman but they have absolutely no idea what it is to be a woman and how it feels to be in the position of being pregnant. Even by saying “try to put yourself in their shoes”; it is still unparallel.

According to the “Bush Blocks Abortion Funding” article from BBC News talks about the argument that Bush makes is that he does not want to spend tax dollars on funding abortion because he finds it to be in humane and also because he is pro-life. Ifind banning abortion to be a very bold move. According to Bush in the article “Bush Blocks Abortion Funding” he wants pro-adoption...