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In the modern world, we are faced with a great conflict, between Morale, Human rights, overpopulation, and what is best for a family. Abortion comes in as a quick and effective solution, but certain people feel it's not correct, and others feel it is correct. Abortion should be legal in most cases, but it should have certain restrictions, which make this inevitable solution to many problems a civilized solution.

One of the most common and completely reasonable cases when abortion should be considered legal is in the case of rape. Certain people would consider this killing a human being, but everyone's description of a human being is different from others. The law shouldn't force anyone to abort, but if the mother of the child doesn't love him, then there is no way that the child is going to have a good life, however if she does love him, then the kid should have a good life.

The decision in this case should be up to the mother, depending on her point of view on the situation. Like the case of Giorgina Moreno, a domestic employee who was raped by her uncle and had a daughter which she doesn't love. Her daughter is a drug and alcohol addict, she is 17 years old and lives with her boyfriend. According to Giorgina, she can't look at her daughter since it remembers her of that moment. Her daughter has had a horrible life and will probably end up being a prostitute.

A fetus with physical or mental problems might have a horrible life, be discriminated, and might even put the mothers life in danger. In the first scenario, a decision has to be made by both the parents, since women are always fighting to be equal, its only fare that they take this decision together, and if one of the parents disagrees, then the baby should live. But if the Mothers life is in danger, then it is the mother who should take the decision since it's her body and she is the one who is in danger, not the father who in certain cases, might want her to die. Samantha was a 39 year old woman who had been happily married to her husband for twelve years; they weren't able to have children. She attended many therapies and operations, until she was finally able to get pregnant. She went with her doctor and found out that the baby could bring problems and even cause her to die. She was asked if she wanted to abort, but she preferred to take the chance, since it was so hard to get pregnant. Complications came up when she was 7 months pregnant, and she and the baby died. It might have been her decision to keep the baby, but not everyone thinks like she does, so it should be up to everyone, since some people prefer one assured life, than two jeopardized lives.

Abortion should always be legal if both parents wish to abort, but abortion should have certain restrictions. Parents should be able to decide weather they want to have a child or not, because if they're willing to abort, it certainly means that they wont love the child. Some groups of people may say that once you get to know the child, you might start loving him, but this is very unlikely. An underage girl who gets pregnant wont love the child, and if she does love him, she certainly won't have time to care for him, and she wont be able to get a job that will support both the mother and child, she might be able to get a job that barely support her if she gets lucky. The mother might go to underground abortion clinics, were she could have the danger of dying herself, there is always a way around rules and laws. Of course, there has to be certain restrictions, like making abortion illegal after a three months pregnancy, which is when the fetus stops looking like a formless creature and starts to barely resemble a human being. Time Magazine made a research and determined that each year there are 6 million unwanted pregnancies, which result in unloved children (Feb. 26 edition 1990, p.94). According to Abortion Facts 40% of the pregnancies lead to abortion; imagine that 40% extra of unloved children in the world, there are enough unloved children already as to have more.(http://www.abortionfacts.com/online_books/love _them_both/why_cant_we_love_them_both_31.asp#Shouldn't every child be wanted?) Another Swiss Book states, "runs a risk of having to surmount greater mental and social handicaps than its peers . . ." Forssman & Thuwe, "One Hundred and Twenty Children Born after Application for Therapeutic Abortion Refused," Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, vol. 42, 1966, pp. 71-88. Other book as Childs born to denied abortions state, "Compulsory childbearing has varied and sometimes unfavorable consequences for the subsequent life of the child." Dytrych et al., "Children Born to Women Denied Abortion," Family Planning Perspectives, vol. 7, no. 4, July-Aug. 1975 The decision on whether or not the fetus should be extracted from the mother's body should come from the parents. It is the only way to assure that when the couple decides to have children, they will be loved. The decision also protects mothers who have a risk or dying themselves, or women who have been raped or even who have sick fetuses inside of them.