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Abortion is safe, Naral Pro-Choice of America (2006)The author explains that there are safe ways of performing abortions and that the only reason why abortions cause death is because; the people who are performing the abortion are doing the abortion illegally. “1999 study of abortion worldwide found that abortion-related deaths are rare in countries where the procedure is legal, accessible, and performed early in pregnancy by skilled providers.” (Naral, 2006)According to Naral Pro-Choice of America, 2006, Medical research has studied from 21 countries about pregnancy complications. Overall the 21 countries has shown that women who decides to get an abortion will not be at risk for suffering major pregnancy complications in the near future pregnancies nor will the women have complications with deliveries. The research also shows that women who proceeds with the abortion, will have a healthy child in future pregnancies, there will be no risk of having a low birth weight infant, the risk for infertility would not rise, and miscarriage after an abortion would not be elevated.

There has been a myth that women who proceed with abortion will likely get breast cancer. According to Naral Pro-Choice of America, 2006, research has shown that “Anti-choice forces have attempted to frighten women into believing that abortion causes breast cancer, but no credible research supports this claim.” The New England Journal of Medicine and the 2000 study published in Epidemiology believes that abortions have no overall affect on the risk of having breast cancer and that the research has confirmed that there is “no excess risk of breast cancer among women who reported having an induced abortion compared with those who did not, nor did risks increase with increasing number of reported induced abortions.” Study also shows that abortion and breast cancer has no link to one another.

The author indicates that the only thing that endangers a women’s health is when women are forced to have an illegal abortion. Although there are no exact figures on the number of deaths caused by women proceeding with illegal abortion, According to an estimate that was made before 1973, “more than five thousand women may have died [per year] as a direct result of [criminal abortions].” The author believes that, the deaths from illegal abortion may go unlabeled because of inexperience or careless autopsy surgeons.

The author states that in countries where it is illegal to induce abortion, women who are pregnant and working, who are seeking for abortion, takes their paycheck on a Friday, and on Friday night the women would go to the person who will be doing the abortion to pay that person to do the abortion. On Saturday the women would start to become sick and until Sunday evening, the women would be lined up outside the operating room to finish up the abortion Monday morning. This is explained as an illegal type of abortion that is unorganized and an unprofessional way of handling the situation, which in turn, would cause sickness and death to the women who induces abortion this way.

The problem with the pro side is that, there’s no definite answer to the question will abortion cause breast cancer? It stated in the article that there is no link from abortion to breast cancer, but it does not indicate if this is an opinion made by the American Cancer Society or how the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization came to this conclusion.

Abortion is a social failure, Misty Mealy (2007)In this article, the author explains why abortion is not healthy for the society and that legal abortions would only threaten women’s lives. This article will also include the after affects of an abortion.

Mealy states that, “Legal abortion is actually the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United Sates.” The author indicated that the American medical Association reports that in 1950 there were 263 deaths and the numbers of death was dropping, in 1970 there were 119 abortion-related deaths. The author contend to the fact that, these people are saying illegal abortions are the cause of abortion-related deaths but the research shows that even if the abortion is legal, there are still women who are dying from inducing abortion.

Post-Abortion Emotional Problems Harm Women, Valerie Meehan (2006)“Suicide is the most unequivocal gauge of distress.” Many women have been emotionally distress after having to go through abortion, and this causes women to feel as if they are alone and often leads to women committing suicide. Abortion is the total opposite of giving birth, women who gives birth are less likely to commit suicide because of love ones to care for. Not saying that all are less likely to commit suicide but the numbers show at half of the abortion rate. Women who go through abortion are also likely to go through psychiatric abortion from the cause of depression. According to Meehan, “In contrast, childbirth seems to protect against suicide.” (Meehan, 2006)Naral Pr-choice America seems to be credible with their argument because these people are fighting for women’s right for abortion. They feel that if the law restricts women from having legal abortion then women all over the world would have to carry the unwanted pregnancy, and some would seek illegal abortion, which would only hurt the women more. Naral also feels that inducing a legal abortion, as long as it’s done legally and the right way, then it is not harmful to women’s health.

Valerie Meehan, the author of “Post-abortion emotional problems harm women.” I feel that this author speaks from experience because all that is said in the argument is true. Some but not all women go through a cycle after the abortion, this leads to depression and depression would often lead to suicide. The author believes that abortion will cause someone to be depressed and it all depends on how that person handles the grief and pain the person may feel.

The author that impressed me the most is Valerie Meehan, she has presented the feelings of women who had been through the situation and her findings are of experiences and research. She included that women tries to hide their feelings the best way they can but somehow it will catch up and these women would have a nervous breakdown.

I personally agree with the pro side because women should have their rights to abortion. No one should be able to tell someone if they should keep the baby or that they have no choice but to go through with the pregnancy. Although, I feel that women who decides to go through with the abortion brings the pain and grief to themselves, and this should not be the case why the law would ban legal abortion. If the person feels that she can’t take care of the baby or she’s just not ready to take care of the baby then it should be her decision to make and not anyone else’s. I also agree with the pro side because, like the author stated, if a woman has no choice but to seek an illegal abortion, this would really damage her emotionally and physically because no one knows what the underground abortionist would do to these people. No one knows if they have the right equipment to do things the right way, so this would be a risk that women would take at desperate needs.

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