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Trevor Jones

Ms. Wallin

AP Lang 7

March 22, 3012

Abortion Needs to be Stopped

There are several ends to the spectrum of abortion and people with extreme opinions whom coincide with each affiliation of the abortion topic. The subject of abortion is without a doubt an abundant issue within society, making it a widely known and discussed topic of this era. Accordingly, there are multiple sides to this issue, but two chief sides, commonly known as the pro-life and pro-choice movement. There are also many complications that involve the argument between pro-life and pro-choice supporters. The pro-life movement is basically the belief that life is sacred, and should not be impeded upon. Also, most pro-life supporters will state that abortion should be banned in almost any circumstance. On the other hand, pro-choice is the utter opposite of the pro-life view; it is generally the belief that abortion should be in the hands of the mother, and should be legal in practically all circumstances.

So far, there appears to be no apparent agreements between the two sides on this controversial and seemingly endless topic. Aborting a baby is morally wrong and is disrupting the purity of human ethics by not preserving precious lives, besides the few adequate exceptions to having an abortion including cases of rape, incest, and health risks. Although there are many who side with the pro-choice affiliation, it is morally unacceptable to abort an unborn fetus. Abortion needs to be illegal for countless reasons excluding cases of rape, incest, and health risks.

The Pro-life movement has a much broader and stronger range of arguments than the Pro-choice movement. A main argument that the pro-life activists would be likely to argue is that human life begins at conception, and by aborting a baby, it would be considered...