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1 intro- what it will be about, why I chose it, what you will know about my chosen topic but the end of this presentation

2 the famous people and places in afg

3 afghan culture, clothing and religion food and festivals

4 religion and different types of people

5 how media criticises afg

Hello ladies and gentlemen today I am going to talk about Afghanistan in reality. And also how the media betrays the hopeless country.

Afghanistan is in the heart of Asia. The reason that I chose to talk about this topic is because it describes my life, culture and religion which have a big impact on my life.

Now we will move on to the religion in Afghanistan is 99% of them are Muslims and live according to the laws in Islam. There are 24 languages spoken in Afghanistan but the two main ones are Dari and Pashto..

In Afghanistan we have all types of people Most of the people in Afghanistan live in poverty.

In Afghanistan we have lots of beautiful places you can visit. Qargha reservoir- is one of them where even the shining sun will be very welcoming to you.

The gardens of Babur, locally called Bagh Babur is a historic park in Kabul, Afghanistan and also the last resting place of the first Mughul emperor. The bhudas of Bamiyan were two sixth century monumental statues of standing bhuda curved into the side of a cliff in Bamiyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan.

Most of all the sky-blue river, glitters and shines so bright and dazzling called Ban e Amir.

But all this is not included in what the media says about Afghanistan and I know that nearly all of you sitting here hearing the name of Afghanistan and...