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To Live or to Kill

Abortion: The relentless murder of helpless human beings or the saving of ruined lives and orphaned children? The world is torn in half over the issue of a woman's right to choose. I have found that most people find it difficult to be neutral on this subject. Everyone has an opinion.

A woman is pregnant. She is faced with the biggest decision of her life. She thinks about abortion. Her thoughts on this matter are simple. She is eighteen years old and feels she has no choice. Her parents would deny her financial and emotional support. She would have to drop out of college to support herself and a baby. A child raising a child is not what she had in mind for a family. What about adoption? Her brother was adopted at the age of ten and knows what struggles he had as a child going through foster home after foster home.

She knows that there are children out there in the world that still have not been adopted and are grown adults. Why put a child through that? On the other hand why should the rest of her life be ruined? She is a pre-med. Major with a full scholarship to Yale University. All of her hard work would have to be set-aside for at least a few years to financially support her child and herself. All of her dreams of being a doctor are gone. How could she manage?

Part of the world agrees with this decision. Children in unstable homes tend to be unstable themselves. Being accepted by parents and adults in your life is something that most of do not notice has affected us much. Emotional support from parents plays a big role in how the child will affect other...