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Abortion A lot of Americans today support the right to have an abortion. Current society is a pro-choice generation, meaning women have the right to control their own bodies. A right to control their own reproductive capability and a right to chose when and whether to have children or not. World wide, more than a quarter of women who become pregnant have either an abortion or an unwanted baby. The reasons most women have an abortion is to terminate an unwanted pregnancy or the pregnancy threatens the life of a mother. Other reasons include termination of a genetically deformed fetus, rape, incest, poor timing, economic hardship, single parenthood and inconvenience. Abortion is a sign of the modern moral decay that is destroying family life and society. People have different moral views about what circumstances justify an abortion. Abortion is not a modern invention it has been practiced universally since before recorded history.

Up to the nineteenth century, abortion was legal and not regarded by society as a moral problem. Teenagers have the highest abortion ratio; 43 percent of their pregnancies end in abortion. By providing abortion as an option, younger women in particular can be pressured into making a decision they would otherwise never have made. There are too many abortions. The laws must be changed to restrict abortion. The only reason restricting does not stop abortion is when its banned, history has shown that it simply goes underground where it becomes unsafe. Abortion procedures differ according to the length of time a women has been pregnant. Very early abortion is 3 to 7 weeks, first trimester abortion is 7 to 13 weeks and second trimester abortion is 14 to 24 weeks. A trimester is a three month period. Depending on were you are in your pregnancy the abortion operation...