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Abortion Paper Abortion( the ending of a pregnancy with the death of the fetus) is a process or procedure that women engage in, in order to rid of a baby fetus. I believe that abortion is a morally wrong thing to do. God and the church both heavily condemn abortions. Abortion can effect many people in negative ways.

Abortion is carried usually in a hospital but sometimes they may be carried out in what is known as a back ally abortion. Abortions carried out in the hospital consist of a professional doctor performing an operation in which s/he inserts a variety of tools and vacuums into a women's uterus in order to crush, cut, and suck the baby out of the women's womb. A back ally abortion is a place were women secretly go to get an abortion by someone who is untrained and unlicensed. These abortions are usually performed in the worst of condition such as blood and dirt right on the operating table, bad sterilization, improper tools and many other bad conditions.

Abortions performed in these back alleys are typically illegal and can have very bad outcomes, they have sometimes been performed with such things as hanger and other household tools. These abortions can cause serious bleeding, infertility, and sometimes death of the woman.

Church teachings tell us that abortions are not only wrong but also immoral. Under one of our Ten Commandments there is the commandment, "though shall not kill". Taking the life of an unborn child is against this commandment but it's also a sin. In all different ways of conception abortion is wrong whether it be through accident, rape, planned or even if the baby is disabled it has a right to live. Ask yourself the question, "would I want to be punished for something I didn't do?".

Pro life and pro choice are on two different ends of the spectrum when it comes to abortion. On one side the pro-life side they believe, it is totally immoral and wrong to take the life of a human child. They believe this because as a child you are a miracle of God, and God doesn't put you in the mothers whom for you to be aborted. There is a plan for all of us and we are missing out on a lot every time we abort a baby. Pro choicers believe that the baby is in the mother womb and it should be her choice whether or not to abort the baby. Pro choicers say it should make a difference whether or not we abort babies because they aren't alive to care anyway and they wont know the difference.

I believe that abortions are wrong taking the life of young because you aren't prepared for it doesn't make it right. I think that humans have missed out on a whole lot because we have aborted millions of babies each year. Think of all the aid cures we could have had or all the ozone fixers we might have had. Point is that even if you are going to live a second that is better than never living at all.