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Pro-Life The argument whether abortions should be performed has been discussed for many years. There have been many points made by pro-choice supporters and many points by pro-life supporters. Pro-choice supporters would have you to believe that a baby isn't a human being until born or until the third trimester. Statistics from scientists show differently. Pro-choice supporters believe that women should have the right to do what they want with their body. What about the baby's body and his or her rights? Do pro-choice supporters not believe in adoption for the unwanted babies? It is hard to believe a woman could be selfish enough to not give a baby to a person whose only dream is to raise a child. Many people believe the solution to an unwanted pregnancy is abortion. Abortion is murder, the baby should have his or her own rights, and adoption is the right alternative answer for the situation.

One main question about abortion concerns when the fetus becomes a baby. This brings up the question whether or not abortion is considered murder. "Religious philosophers suggest that we are morally significant persons at the moment of conception" (www.abortion.com). More evidence about when a fetus becomes a human is not found from philosophers, but from a study. Is it human life inside of a woman's womb? The answer is found in natural science, medicine and biology. At the first cell stage, fertilization, this being is alive, not dead. Human? Yes. Sexed? Yes, male or female from fertilization. Complete? Yes, nothing has been added to the single cell, whom each of us once was, nothing except nutrition and oxygen (313 the worst of times). Science clearly shows that human life does begin at conception and at the first cell stage. A person doesn't have to be religious...