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Abortion should be illegal Through out the years humankind has made lots of laws, one of them forbidding abortion from 1880 to 1973. Unffortunatley, after thousands of women died by doing secret abortions, abortion became legal again. I want to stop this "slaughter of the innocent" once and for all.

Making abortion illegal again will probably kill thousands of women but in turn save millions of potential people. Many people say abortion isn't murder because "the baby isn't alive." Webster's dictionary difines life as "a living being" and "the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic organisms, being manifested matabolism, growth and reproduction." The baby meets this criteria because it grows meaning its alive.

Pro-choice people also argue that the baby may be alive but it isn't fully human until it's born. This may be true but to me a fetus is a potential person. For all I know the fetus the baby being aborted might one day go to colige.

So what's the difference between killing a fetus or a collige grad? Nothing, its an outrage Yet again pro-choice people stay firm on their legs and say, "making abortion illegal would interfeere with my personal rights" and "it would interfeere with my life liberty and persute of happyness." I come back saying "Shure you have your rights"¦but shouldn't the babe also have some? I already told you that the embrio is a living potential person so shouldn't it have rights too? Abortion is a killing of potential people. If murdering a full grown human is illegal than shouldn't murering a potential person be illegal too?