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Abortion One of the most controversial topics out there today is Abortion. The reason it is such a debatable topic is we as a society have not been able to find a common definition for "human life." Upon having the answer we will then answer to the abortion problem and decide whether or not we should treat tissue as a living organ. The fact of the matter is that since no one can define human life in a world approval, people have their opinions. These opinions fall into two ideas, pro-choice and pro-life. Pro-choice is basically stating that the fetus is not a human it's just a mass of tissue and they also do not want a child to grow up not wanted. Pro-choice also gives the women a right to choose weather or not she was to have an abortion. The pro-life approach is bit different because they do not believe that they are unified by the concept that all humans, especially the innocent unborn, have an inherent right to life.

Besides the constant fight of ideas, morals and principles comes the radical protestors. These protestors have bombed, shot, and shot at both abortion clinics and abortion doctors. This is where I see the problem funneling into something that will only increase until something is done. But what is being done to this topic? The only rationalizing between there two groups has come is from the pro-life picketers who do not promote violence. Their protestors refuse to believe that violence will solve the mattes at hand, and do not promote it in any way. However it I since to see the "non violent" approach to abortion, there still are threats out there. Because of the treats the clinics are under constant surveillance, and are careful about what packages arrive. The doctors wear bulletproof vests, drive bulletproof cars, and keep their residence information a secret. This is absurd that someone would want to a life like this. This is why I believe I may be able to compromise with both sides.

I feel strongly about what I see as a concern for America today; that is repeat abortions, Women today are taking advantage of the fact that is they do get pregnant, for whatever reason if they don't need or want the child, they could always have an abortion. Today, about (47%), almost half of all abortions are repeated. These statistics are scary. If women today decide that they can be careless about having sex, then not only does that cause more sex, but also causes unprotected sex. We all know what comes from unprotected sex, diseases such as AIDS, HIV and STD. This presents a problem in its self. Taking into consideration of both sides and the idea that I hate to see kids suffer, I came up with a solution. My solution is that: a woman doesn't matter in race or past, is allowed two abortions in there life. This rule give the female a chance to not make another mistake and if she does again and it's an accident she was one last shot but there aren't another freebee after the second one.