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Right now, as you are reading this paper, another life has been taken ... a child's life. Abortion stops the beating of an innocent child's heartbeat. People must no longer ignore the scientific evidence that life begins at the moment of conception. People can no longer ignore the emotional problems an abortion causes to women. People must stop denying the fact about the cruel procedure and start hearing the silent screams of unborn children.

Many people refuse to accept the fact that the fetus is a human being from the moment that they are conceived. However, "science tells us that when the sperm and ovum unite, they become a complete genetic package programmed for development into a mature adult" (Brodie et al. 80). At this stage, all major decisions as to what that fetus will become have been determined. For example, whether it will be a boy or a girl, what colour of eyes, skin, and hair it will have, what height it will be, and what build it will be.

This is enough to say that a person is living inside the mother. As Janine Brodie says, "a new life has begun from the moment the egg is fertilized" (93).

The scientific evidence not only proves the fetus is truly a human, the fact also implies abortion kills the life of a human being. By willingly ending the life of the fetus, people are also ending its future. The fetus has the possibility of having a future with emotions, experiences and activities that are the same as human being.

"All unborn babies have the right to life guaranteed to human under the constitution" (MacGuigan 99). No other person has the right to take away the unborn child's life, no matter what the situation is. "One must not sacrifice a...