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Section 1

i) Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before it reaches 'full - term.' This can be intentionally, which is called a 'procured abortion,' or naturally, which can be called a 'miscarriage' or a 'spontaneous abortion.' Both procedures happen differently depending on the trimester of pregnancy.

Different people feel abortion has a different meaning. Pro-life groups believe that an abortion is murdering an unborn child, and no one should have the right, however pro-choice groups believe that an abortion is only preventing a collection of cells (zygote) from developing into a baby, and women should have the choice and control over its life.

In my opinion, human life begins at the moment of conception. Pro-life groups would agree with me, whereas pro-choice groups would have varying opinions for when life begins, such as, when the heart beats, when it is no longer legal to have an abortion, or when it could survive without special care.

Most people would not class a miscarried foetus as a human life, pro-life groups would, whereas, pro-choice groups probably wouldn't. It depends on when the people believe the foetus is a life, and not just a group of cells. The miscarried foetus would not normally have a funeral, although the parents can arrange one for their deceased child.

Women have abortions for many different reasons, all of which I strongly disagree with. Their reasons can be as serious as rape, or as little as just not wanting a child. Some women have to think long and hard about their decision because it is a life changing one, whereas some women find their decision easier because the feel they have justified reasons, and they could cope with the loss of their unborn baby.

The majority of women who have abortions say it is because...