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Daily, women around the world chose to have an abortion. Abortion is one of the biggest, controversial debates in the United States. The subject is so controversial, that it has been going on for twenty to thirty years. I used to believe that abortion was wrong, but why should some one who does not want a baby, carry a baby for nine months? Especially if the infant is a rape baby. I feel that abortion should still be legal because it is the mothers' choice whether or not she feels she wants the baby or not. Those who are against abortions feel it is morally wrong because it is murder. They ask, "who is one to judge whether a person or baby lives or dies?"

Furthermore, the people against this fell that the fate of another human being's life is not in our hands, only in God's. In the bible it says, "Thou, shall not kill."

It is one of the Ten Commandments. The opposers say killing a fetus is killing a human being. Most abortions occur in the first trimester, in which the fetus has already developed a nervous system, so the fetus has feeling. If a mother-to-be is afraid that she does not have money to raise the baby there are places that can help with welfare such as, WIC. Having an abortion also causes psychological and physical distress for the women who had just had the abortion. Pro lifers' feel, why should the child pay with his or her own life for the parents' mistake? However, in the case of rape or incest why should the mother suffer with a baby who is genuinely not wanted?

Women who get pregnant because of rape do not have the choice of getting pregnant it is hard enough...