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Abortion is the act of causing a pregnancy to end early, in order to prevent the baby from developing and being born alive. It is a very controversial topic that has been repeatedly argued for the past few years. The main arguing subject is whether or not abortion should be banned. In my opinion, I think there is no real answer to this topic, because there are two aspects to this controversy, which I agree to both of them.

Abortion is a personal choice and right whether or not she wants to has one. The right to choose to have an abortion can allow women to have as much right as men. Men can choose to withdraw from a relationship as soon as they find out about the pregnancy, but women are not allow to have the same choice even thou they want to. If women are forced to carry unwanted pregnancies, it will result in unwanted children.

Abandoned infants are often found at the public dustbin nearly everyday, or some of them were killed by their mother after birth. If those babies are lucky enough to be survive until they grow up, they are often seriously disadvantaged, and are likely to have violent behaviours. This is not good for the children, families, and the societies.

However, in terms of ethical, abortion is immoral. It should not be the solution for unwanted pregnancies, because it is a person responsibility when she chooses to have sex. You have to be ready to pay the consequences for what you have done. Also, according to the study of science and medicine, it is said that fetus is a person, which I totally agree. I believe that a fetus should be considered as a child regard of how small it is, because it...