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Abortion Can you imagine 1.5 Billion innocent babies dying everyday around the world for no apparent reason. Just because teens now a days doesnt feel like holding a responsibility that could affect their lives forever. Each number that is lost is a baby, a soul, and a gift never realized.

The purpose of this speech is entitled to really try to convince more and more teens to stop abortion. In some cases it is unlawful, hurtful physically and emotionally. If you think about it, teenage girls are more likely to have unprotected sex, and dont ever think about the consequences. Sure the man/boy however you want to put it may be fine, maybe even have a little dough. Probably he looks like a Sisqo or a Genuwine, but is it really worth sleeping with someone and end up having a child knowing you really dont love the baby choosing the man or the child? Yea thats what I thought.

Thats a question we should all ask ourselves.

Having a baby is no joke. Sleeping with someone that looks so bad that is a joke its like OOCHIE WALLIE WALLIE! From my point of view, if your responsible enough to not use Mr Trojan man, you should be responsible enough to have and maintain a child. It takes 2 to have a kid.

On most cases Women at an early age are in abusive situations. Meaning they are forced to kill the baby that lies within them because they are scared that if they go home and be like "Sweetie Im Pregnant". They will get possibly a severe beatdown. But thats not the way to go. Fellas you got the testosterone to go bang a girl right? So do what you do and take the responsiblity. Keep your pants up...